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Massage Unit In The Mattress

Available in memory and reflex foam models, our innovative and ergonomic vibration massage system is built within the mattress to give you the ultimate massage experience.

  • Programmable vibration intensity and speed
  • Low voltage (12v) with built in 30 minute auto timer
  • Hand control wand with LED light indicators
  • Massage available in WAVE, PULSE and ZIPZAG mode
  • Ergonomic design hand control wand

Radio Frequency (RF) Massage

Another bolt on massage unit with a RF remote that includes under-bed lighting as standard. Additional features include;

  • Radio frequency connection
  • Memory feature so that your MiBed® moves in to your preferred preset position at the touch of a button
  • Inbuilt facility to control your MiBed®
  • Control the massage speed and intensity at the touch of a button
  • Pulse / Wave / Constant options depending on your preferred massage style
  • The remote also includes a torch

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