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The finest in handcrafted beds and mattresses for the ultimate in luxury and comfort. All handmade to order from our factory in the heart of the UK. Discover a lifetime of quality sleep with our Hestia Living range with the expertise of exceptional upholstery and expertise since 1968.


With over 50 years of sleep technology experience MiBed continue to be the leaders in adjustable beds designed to enhance lives, improve your health and deliver the ultimate in comfort. With fast and made to order entirely in one UK factory.


SEAQUAL INITIATIVE helps remove plastic from our oceans, rivers and estuaries with the collaboration of fishermen and beach clean-up programs around the world. Every material, including aluminum, metal, glass or plastic, goes to its own unique recycling chain and textile technology enables SEAQUAL INITIATIVE approved facilities to take the marine plastic and turn it into Upcycled Marine Plastic which is made into SEAQUAL® YARN and used to produce our Hestia living high quality mattress range.


Combining our extensive knowledge of luxurious upholstery and our industry leading experience in motion bed technology, we are proud to launch our EVOMOTION Collection. Offering heavy weight lift capabilities, whisper quiet motion, usb and underbed lighting, along with our world class fabric range to create your bed made to order.

Available in over 800 stores nationwide
find an independent retailer near you

Modern High-End Adjustable Beds and Recliner Chair Solutions for The Most Comfortable Sleep Ever and An Aesthetic Interior Upgrade               

If you desire for a more restful sleep which allows you to experience intense relaxation, then investing in a quality adjustable bed is imperative. Enabling a personalised sleep position setting allowing you to maintain a desirable position of the head and feet, adjustable beds not only let you cherish a wonderful sleep but also help you feel more comfortable.          

Backed by an expertise that spans many decades, Furmanac Group Limited has maintained a unique position in the market where it cherishes a unique competitive edge. Our pioneering innovative solutions designed and developed at our factory in UK prove to be testaments to the fact that our striving for attention to detail is intense and unhindered. We have compiled a diversified portfolio of state-of-the-art quality bedframe solutions designed for enhanced comfort and unrivalled utility.        

The core ethos and attitude of our group is defined by our underlying commitment to design excellence and ergonomic lifestyle upliftment through quality solutions such as recliner chair, electric beds and much more. We offer a number of signature product lines each combining our unique handmade to order perfection and exceptional upholstery expertise which we have proudly embraced since 1968.    

Custom comfort for a better night’s sleep and personalised support – Combining the very best in adjustable motion bed technology and luxurious upholstery          

Furmanac Group Limited’s collection of upholstered beds is designed to play a central role in enhanced comfort and overall wellbeing. Encouraging you to embrace an elevated sense of comfort as well as personalise support all while offering unrivalled standards of opulence from our luxurious upholstery solutions, we ensure that you cherish made to order perfection tailored to your specific preferences.          

A quality bedframe UK supporting luxuriously upholstered mattresses has become increasingly popular in recent years, as people have discovered the many benefits they offer. Our electric beds UK are special types of beds that allow the user to adjust the various sections of the bed to different angles, providing customized support and comfort.        

Furmanac Group quality adjustable bed in UK offers a wide range of benefits, from reducing pain and improving sleep quality to providing comfort and support for people who spend a lot of time in bed. If you’re considering electric beds in UK, be sure to do your research and choose our high-quality models that meets your specific needs and preferences.        

An adjustable bed in London can improve your sleep quality. By allowing you to adjust your sleeping position, an electric bed London can help you find the most comfortable position for your body, reducing tossing and turning and allowing you to get a more restful night’s sleep.        

Fostering an undying sensitivity and respect for the natural environment, we ensure a strict adherence to the highest possible standards of sustainability and our Seaqual initiative which facilitates recycling of all materials recovered from oceans and rivers is a testament to the same. We recycle marine plastic into Seaqual Yarn which we use to produce high quality mattresses for various bedframe in UK types.             

Experience the ultimate in sleep innovation with Furmanac Group Limited adjustable bed, recliner chair and luxurious upholstery solutions          

At Furmanac, we measure success as a level of satisfaction for our clients. In order to excel in customer service, we strive to offer an effortlessly easy ordering and delivery system, maintain a strong post-delivery service reputation, ensure ultimate ease of use from our designs, target best sleep quality and comfort as well as be accessible across a wider budget range.         

Furmanac Group Limited is based in UK and fosters a strong culture of innovation stemming from an unrivalled expertise of more than 50 years in this domain. Our quality adjustable bed in England and electric beds England evidently highlight our hallmark expertise and striving for design excellence. Our core ethos based upon 100% client satisfaction gears towards an approach defined by innovation and opulence. We aim to design well thought-out and durable solutions such as recliner chair London and upholstered beds which help us carve a unique brand identity.               

Streamlining innovation and deign excellence to deliver high quality products              

Furmanac Group’s success is found on its values of service integrity, product and process sustainability as well as design innovation. Comfort, quality, beauty and luxury are synonymous with our adjustable beds which we design and develop at our in-house facilities in the UK. We strive for a global recognition in the domain and aim to develop products that extend to greater spans of comfort, support and overall lifestyle enhancing solutions such as quality bedframe England.